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Executive Committee Archive 2024

June 2024


Meeting Start:

  • Called to Order: 7:00 PM by Rose

  • Prayer: Led by Brenda

  • Pledge of Allegiance: Led by George


  • Secretary's Report: Approved minutes after corrections, motioned by Rosann and seconded by RJ.

  • Treasurer's Report: Presented by Kim. Main account balance: $23,970.78, Admin account balance: $888.28.

Presentation by JD:

  • Highlighted the district's successful fundraising efforts, bringing in half a million dollars for two consecutive months with high-profile speakers like Laura Trump.

  • Emphasized key areas needing improvement, including transparency in voting, ending NDAs, recording votes, and complying with FOIA.

Candidates Forum:

  • Samuel: Running for re-election in the 6th District, emphasizing his growth and experience as a commissioner.

  • Mark: Running for the 5th District, focusing on transparency, balanced budgets, and efficient county operations.

  • Jeremiah: Detailed the responsibilities of a county commissioner and his extensive military and administrative experience.

  • Tom: Prioritizes law enforcement funding and staffing, ensuring adequate ambulance services, and promoting transparency.

  • James: Enjoys serving as a commissioner for the 2nd District and working with various officials, seeking re-election.

  • RJ: Works in agriculture, addresses misconceptions about his work, and discusses the impact of regulatory changes.

  • Roseann: Senior commissioner with extensive experience and involvement in multiple committees, running for re-election in the 7th District.

  • Lynn: Emphasizes public safety, responsible spending, and transparency, running for the 4th District.

Sheriff Candidates:

  • Jeff: Committed to eliminating corruption if elected as Sheriff.

  • Clint: Current Under-Sheriff, focusing on comprehensive law enforcement experience and departmental oversight.

Prosecutor Victor:

  • Proud of his office's record, including solving a 41-year-old cold case, and emphasizes the need for a drug enforcement millage.

Other County Officials:

  • Monica (Clerk Registrar): Manages a wide range of county records and elections, committed to transparency and efficiency.

  • Hope (Treasurer): Focuses on the security of county funds, successful investment strategies, and reducing foreclosures.

  • Jeff (Drain Commissioner): Manages extensive county drainage projects, prioritizing cost-effective solutions and local engagement.

Upcoming Events:

  • Cass County Fair: July 28 - August 3. Members are encouraged to participate and bring campaign materials.

  • County Convention: August 15. Members will receive a call to convention soon and are encouraged to fill vacancies.


  • Motion to adjourn by Monica, seconded by Stacey. Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Submitted by: Wally

Meeting Minutes

MAY 2024

Meeting Summary:

Mark called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Riley led the prayer and Jeremiah led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of the Agenda:
Motion by RJ, seconded by Mary. Passed.

Secretaries Report:
Wally presented. Motion to approve by Rosann, seconded by RJ. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Kim presented. Campaign account balance: $25,268.36. Admin account balance: $164.78.

Stacey discussed the victims advocate program, thanking the Sheriff for his support. The program includes advocates who assist alongside chaplains during calls, offering comfort and resources. Cass County has invested in crisis intervention training for volunteers.

Committee Updates:

  • Special Events: Mary thanked everyone for the success of the Lincoln Day dinner. The next event is the Cass County Fair (July 28 - August 3). Candidates should bring signs, literature, and sign up for booth duty.

  • Issues Committee: Wally mentioned new bookmarks for meeting schedules and updates to the January 6th Fact Sheet.

  • Membership Recruiting: Kay is working on voter registration and updating voter rolls.

  • Delegate Committee: Roger reported on delegate recruitment and sign program progress. Motion for $1,000 for additional signs passed, seconded by Dan.


  • Sheriff: Rick discussed staffing challenges in dispatch and efforts to fill vacancies.

  • Prosecutor: Victor highlighted a significant drug bust and the need for continued support for the drug team.

  • Treasurer: Hope outlined changes in property tax laws and efforts to reduce foreclosures.

  • County Clerk: Monica warned about increasing mortgage foreclosures and predatory practices. She also mentioned upcoming absentee ballots and early voting.

  • Drain Commissioner: Jeff addressed storm damage at Twin Lakes and fund management improvements.

  • 8th District: RJ noted county assistance with clean-up efforts.

  • 7th District: Roseann attended an emergency management meeting.

  • 5th District: Mary shared concerns about cultural changes in Cassopolis discussed at a community center meeting.

  • 4th District: Jeremiah thanked the Sheriff’s department for tornado damage assistance.

  • 2nd District: James emphasized the need for a 24-hour ambulance service and thanked advocate program participants.

State Senator: Johnathan criticized the budget process and called for reforms.

State Representative: Brad discussed issues with Facebook, opposition to automated speed cameras, and concerns about child abuse.

State Representative: Steve opposed central planning in Smart Park projects and mentioned an upcoming prayer event.

5th Congressional District: JD discussed energy concerns and plans for a fundraiser for electors.

Michigan Supreme Court: Caleb introduced Andrew Fink, emphasizing his commitment to service and the Constitution.


  • Jeremiah, Lynn, Scott, Mike, Frank, Steve, Victor, and James briefly introduced their campaigns.

Jerry motioned to adjourn, seconded by Nate. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Wally.

Meeting Minutes



Our guest speaker this month was Sturgis Mayor, Frank Perez. Mr. Perez grew up in a migrant family and credits hard work and perseverance to his success as the mayor and as a father and businessman. Mr. Perez is running for state representative in the 36th district in the primary against incumbent Steve Carra. 

We rounded out the meeting with usual reports and an introduction to the 2024 delegate and local candidates. 


We’re working on placing Cass County GOP signs around the county. Let us know if you spot one! 


The deadline to file for Township Precinct Delegate is May 7th. 

The Lincoln Day Dinner is May 11. And don't forget to register for our first online auction. Secure your spot today!


See you at our next meeting on Tuesday, May 28 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting Minutes



The focus for this month’s meeting was on unity and forward progress.


Despite the recent setbacks and grievances among elected leaders and members of the Michigan Republican Party, time is of the essence, and focus on fundraising and supporting candidates that will represent our conservative values is a top priority.

Meeting Highlights 


Guest speaker, Matt Harrington, from the Friends of Penn Township, presented information about the problems residents are having regarding the Marijuana farms in Penn Township.


Concerns Include:

llegal approval of Recreational


Marijuana Ordinance

Rejection of the ballot initiative

Illegal permitting of Medical Marijuana


Conflicts of interest with board



Negative health impacts and pervasive odor problems.


Violations of local ordinances and Michigan Law.

For more information or to support their cause, go



Each month we receive information from our County Officials, State Representatives, US Congressional leaders, and Party leaders.


This month we also heard from candidates running for State representative in the 5th district, County Commissioner, and township delegate.


Come to our next meeting to learn more about your current and potentially future representatives! 


April 22: Deadline to register for Lincoln Day Dinner 

April 23: Deadline to file for the August 2024 primary election.  

April 24: Hazardous Waste & Tire Collection 3- 6 pm.

May 7:  Deadline to file for township precinct delegate.


See you at the next meeting on Tuesday, April 23 at 7:00 pm! 

Need more information beforehand?

Complete the Get in Touch form and include a message! 



It's amazing what gets done at a meeting when there's nourishment! 


Convention: ✅

Executive Mtg: ✅

Dinner: ✅



Meeting Highlights 


Thanks to dedicated county delegates, county officials, and hard-working republicans, a full slate of delegates was elected to go to the State Convention on March 2nd.

Mark Howie, our Cass County Chair, did a great job navigating the process and keeping the monthly meeting on track. He even managed to fit in time to socialize and snack! Well done, Mark! 

With the primary vote on Feb 27 and the new rules of how delegates are awarded, we are seeking more volunteers and active participation of all delegates.


Join us at our next meeting and 

discover why we are the party of freedom, liberty, and common sense! 

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