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We need your help!  As a grassroots organization, this party does nothing without you.  Whether you want to work on the front lines knocking on doors or behind the scenes, everyone has something to offer.  Join us and we'll find the place for you.



These committee members plan & organize all activities related to campaigning for local, state, & national elections.  This includes coordinating with nominees, organizing phone banks, organizing local campaign events, distributing yard signs, & much more.  If you want to roll up your sleeves & hit the streets to make a difference, this is the committee for you!


These committee members plan & execute methods for attracting new members to the party.  As the political climate changes, the individuals that could benefit from involvement from our organization need to hear from us.  This could include online campaigns, high school & college outreach, coordinating with the campaign committee during election cycles, & much more.  We're always looking for fresh ideas on how to reach conservative community members.


These committee members work to identify & support local members of the military both overseas & at home.  This can include outreach &/or support with party resources.


This is a small committee consisting of a few members willing to represent Cass County at the 5th District Republican Party meetings as well as report back information discussed at this monthly meeting.


These committee members are responsible for brainstorming new & innovative ways to raise funds for the benefit of our local party.  Resources of the part go towards supporting local Republican candidates & conservative causes.


These committee members are responsible for designing & maintaining our website as well as managing our Facebook page.  No technological background is required as the majority of the committee work is design & content oriented.  We strive to make the information provided through our technology channels relevant, interesting, & current.


These committee members review current issues that may be of particular interest to Cass County Republican Party members.  They choose a specific issue to focus on & research the details surrounding the issue via media, discussion, & input from local elected officials.  The committee then reports their findings to the party at the monthly meeting.

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