January 19, 2021


As leaders in the 6th District we rise in strong opposition to the decision by Congress to impeach President Trump.


It was simply wrong.


It comes without any real due process, fact finding, hearings or inherent fairness.


In this eleventh-hour vote, American Justice has been abandoned.


The motives were many. But the result tragic. A disturbing rush to judgment unprecedented in our nation’s 244-year history.


And while leaders cry for “unity”, this action, seven days before a new President takes the inaugural oath, is seen as extremely disingenuous.


In exceptionally troubling times, the vote to impeach only adds to the dangerous erosion of the People's constitutional rights, including fair elections, free speech, the ability to assemble and due process.


After a summer of arson and violence, damage and death----while many leaders stood by and others shockingly supported the carnage----we now see this reckless impeachment of a President who called for a “Peaceful and Patriotic March” to Congress.


The charges are unproven and the hypocrisy overwhelming.


Make no mistake. We find the breach of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 extremely disturbing and threatening to our Democracy. Lives were lost and our sacred halls of Congress terribly compromised. Scores of our elected leaders were placed in real peril. Those who committed these crimes must be brought to justice.


Sadly, however, far too many have forgotten the age-old axiom taught by parents and elders from the beginning of time: Two wrongs never make a right.


It pains us to see that our own Congressman Fred Upton voted to impeach. Fred has been a leader for many years in the 6th District. He has done many good things for southwest Michigan. He is a friend to each of us. We will continue to work with our Congressman.  Unity demands it.  But for the reasons stated here today, we disagree with his vote.


A Republic which abandons due process, fairness and a full examination of the evidence is a Republic that places itself in incredible danger. 


Our U.S. Senate must recognize this sobering reality and put an end to this debacle.


The impeachment of Donald Trump has done grave damage to our constitutional form of government.  


It threatens the freedoms of every American.


Victor Fitz GOP 6th District Chair’

Scott McGraw GOP Kalamazoo County Chair

Rodney Chupp GOP St. Joseph County Chair

Denny Grosse GOP Berrien County Chair

Mike VanDenberg GOP Allegan County Chair

Matthew Nilson GOP Van Buren County Chair

Mark Howie GOP Cass County Chair