December 1, 2017


Dear Fellow Republicans,


As 2017 comes to a close, I want to wish all of you A Very Merry Christmas and A Good New Year


Highlights from 2017:


     1. We had a successful County Convention.

     2. We sent a full delegation to the State Convention – the only County in the 6th Congressional District to fill all of their Delegate seats.

     3. We sent a nice delegation to the 6th District Mardi Gras Fund Raiser, Mark and Mary Howie, from Cass County, won the best costume


     4. We had a Successful Lincoln Day Dinner, with increased attendance. Our Speaker, Dr. Joseph Guzman is now seeking the

          Republican Party’s nomination for Secretary of State.

     5. We had the opportunity to spread the Republican Conservative Message at the Cass County Fair.

     6. We are actively participating in the State Party Incentive Program, and have several members involved in Training Programs. We

          also received a $200.00 Check from State Party for completing Phase I of the Program.

     7. After many months of hard work by the By-Laws Committee; the County Party has new By-Laws. You can find them on the Cass

         County GOP WEB site.  (Click here for By-Laws)

     8. We sent Mel Swanson a Cass County resident and an SMC Student to the Republican Mackinac Leadership Conference on Mackinac

          Island in September as a Youth Representative.

     9. We hosted the 6th District Republican Committee in October. The Turn Out - over 60 from all of the Counties in the 6th district.

     10. We had our 1st Republican Leadership Initiative Program training. Conducted by, Eric Mitchell our Regional Field Director from the

         Michigan Republican Party.


None of this would have been possible without YOUR support. 


In January we will be kicking off our 2018 membership Drive and we will be looking to see a substantial increase in Membership at all levels. Our Friends in the Democrat Party are charged up, because of their RESOUNDING DEFEAT IN 2016; they are finding the Most Liberal / Left Wing Radicals to run for office.

In Strongly Republican Cass County and other Counties like us, we need to Get Out the Vote. In order to do that - We need the financial and people resources to make sure we protect our Conservative Agenda.








Leon “Andy” Anderson, Jr.

Chair, Cass County Republican Party




Diane Konneck, Vice Chair               Wally Berndt, Secretary               Susan Flowers, Treasurer               

The road to Victory in’18 starts in SW Michigan